What will Motivate me to get going and keep rolling?

Seven Days.jpgSeven Days ago I started 101 in 1001 and I’m already wishing I got to call and say Conundrum. You see the premise of this show (which I love [der it is on TV]) is that when things go bad a single pilot gets to pilot a sphere with an alien power source to go back in time and fix whatever catastrophe has occurred. Problem is you can only go back 7 days. So this might be a reasonable opportunity to go back 7 Days and kick my arse. Why because I have done 2 parts of fuck all with regard to the weight loss goals and if I don’t do something I never will.

What do I need to do? Do I need to create some embarrassment like the biggest loser? That show is about embarrassing the contestants and doesn’t really talk strategies for starting and continuing safely.

I am not going to do photographic embarrassment, you dear reader do not need that and once the first photo was out there I would justify that the worse is out there so who gives a rats arse. Just like when I smoked the Packet warnings and commercials had no effect but since I gave up around 12 years ago, I see them now and think you complete dickhead.

So I will tell you that:

  • I can’t weigh my self at home right now because I am over 150Kgs
  • I do have Cankles
  • I have the same discoloration (well bands all round) the base of my calves just like Damian from the Biggest Loser
  • I eat shit I shouldn’t
  • I’m Lazy. A week on and nothing

OK look at that calculator to maintain my weight I need to consume 3352 calories a day WTF?? I don’t know if that is a lot but I assume it is and worse than that I’m getting FATTER so I must be beating that number “Yay Me”

SO I wonder what I need to stay alive apparently a BMR – This is your base number of calories a day you burn just by being alive and doing activities like breathing.

BMR = 66 + (6.23×341)+(12.7×74.17)-(6.8×42) = 2847

Now we already established I’m a slug so multiply by 1.2 to get Calories = 3416 so that is to stay where I am but as I go through this I notice intellectually interesting as it is this sounds like Gaol.

So I’m gonna stay with my plan and do 5BX and Couch to 5Km and eat less but not count calories at all. Are we good with this friends?

Oh, I reserve the right to do stupid shit like the Soup Diet if I choose to, just to learn me about unsustainability.

I will start to train together apart with Angie (just like I drink together apart with her evil twin) but right now she doesn’t need to help me I need to be really pulling for her so no stress or pressure when you are able we will compare notes.

So no Conundrum next week… How best to I report progress??