Walking and Macro Pictures

IMG_0048I went on a Photowalk in the National Botanical Gardens today there was a great turn out and I really learned a lot about taking photos of things really close up …

Yesterday I spoke about the “Joy” of taking photographs and it was reinforced today too

This is Hillary the event organiser and Professional Photographer look at her expression … See that’s what I mean.

Might have learned that Macro Tubes are great for in studio but hard to perfect outside with the wind moving the subject.

I wonder what else I will discover going to a few more of these I’ll definitely find out, should have been going to these all along

Anyway these are the “Best” of the ones I took today…


  1. Hilary says:

    Hi David!!! Wow!! Thanks soooo much for your lovely words and your images are wonderful. Thanks for the info about the wifi sd card, too! Never heard of anything like that, s I learned something today!! See you at the next one!! :0))

    • David says:

      Thanks for organising it.

      I had a good time and really did intend to start coming way earlier but when life got in the way on the day of the Carillion one last year I lost touch with the idea 🙁

      I do kind of like the EyeFi card but the main trade off seems to be speed, so things like today are fine but it seems to slow down a fair bit when I’m shooting things like roller derby.

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