Walk to the De Salis Family Cemetery

I have to start walking regularly and sad as it may seem to some I need more motivation than just going for a walk. I will never be a go for a walk around the block kind of guy so I need a destination and an interesting journey.

I have also recently bought a Camera so mixing both walking with finding interesting images is ideal.

The De Salis Family Cemetery at Cuppacumbalong is somewhere I have not been before and is about 2 Km walk from Tharwa Bridge so not too far from home.

I didn’t expect to discover how unique this cemetery is although I understand the reasons for it to have been built in this manner. If you have ever tried to did garden beds in our little valley you would be all over the build up not dig down plan.

I love that the location was chosen for it’s outlook and 136 Years later it is exactly the same

Walking past Cuppacumbalong I notice there are no people around, when I was first going out with my wife there was a coffee shop, manicured gardens and people all over the place. I know there is competition from Lanyon Homestead and the closure of Tharwa Bridge from so long can’t have helped but I can’t help but wonder what could be 🙁

Anyway the walk was great and there is quite a bit to see on the way.