Too early for new years resolutions, I think not.

I’m a selfish bastard but you knew that…

So today my wife and children went to Randwick to Libby’s Aunt and Uncles for Christmas Lunch tomorrow. I am at home because for the Second time in a little over a month doctors are using language like “if this course of action doesn’t work by Sunday will admit you for a few days”

Without going into details both issues I have had is because I treat my body like a tip, and even though it has concerned my wife for a decade I figured nothings going to happen, you worry too much, yadda yadda yadda.

Well if I am to be admitted to hospital I would rather it happen in Canberra instead of an unplanned stay in a random Sydney Hospital, BTW we were coming home tomorrow night anyway.

Tomorrow I’ll be home and it is largely my fault so I guess I best start taking my health seriously and stop being such a selfish bastard.

Mind you having a fever for 24 Hours and then having another after it breaks on the same day does help to catch up on sleep. Not to mention a 48-hour computer free time.

So once I am well again I need to:

  • NOT be 150+ Kgs (might help with the Sleep Apnoea)
  • Take care to prevent more Kidney Stones
  • Look at making the ugly lower leg horrific-ness diminish (yep stuck with the look) but not the damage I hope
  • Generally, pay attention to my health.

So I wonder how I’ll go now that I’ve had too scares so close together let us not wait for the Heart Attack trifecta before I clue up.