Thoughts for a New Year

I am not sure that a date in a calendar is a reason for new promises to break to ourselves or endeavouring to do better in all aspects of our lives but it is a line we jump over with glee.

Canberra City New Years Eve Fireworks 2011

Catie loves to pose and danceTonight my family went to Canberra City for Dinner and the early fireworks display on the way home we got slushies from 7 Eleven.

Catie danced while we watched and listened to the Music – Ian Moss Played a set before we left.

So in all we had a nice time

This year has been challenging and instructive, I have “met” lots of new people and some are really quite wonderful, if you don’t know who you are then that is one thing I need to do better next year. Thanks for the friendship and also allowing us to share in your lives I am personally better for knowing every one of you.The Artist and Proud Dad wearing some of it