This is my Brain and I live in it …

Earlier today I warned the kids on Twitter that today could be a day for Introspection so strap in for the ride.

One day I might try to articulate how my brain makes links and how large slabs of what I see and hear sticks with me and sometimes spills out poorly.

In any case this afternoon I looked at a clip on Youtube and just started clicking related (For me) Content so in true nerd form I’m compiling a “Mix Tape” of this afternoon run now … Don’t come with me if you want to live.

This is my brain, And I live in it. It’s made of love And bad song lyrics. It’s tucked away behind my eyes, Where all my screwed up thoughts can hide, Cos God forbid I hurt somebody. And the weirdest thing about a mind Is that every answer that you find Is the basis of a brand new cliché

This is my brain And it’s fine It’s where I spend the vast majority of my time It’s not perfect But it’s mine It’s not perfect I’m not quite sure I’ve worked out how to work it It’s not perfect But it’s mine.

I don’t thank anyone is perfect least of all me. But it really is fine.

I recently struggled a tiny bit because I hate it when it appears that I care about outcomes more than others and I began to take things a little too on board.

There could be a lesson about stress and professional services jobs but I choose to just think … It could be worse and many people do have it way worse than me and while I’m not suggesting this song is about my life it does highlight that when I moan about my circumstances these are really #FirstWorldProblems and I should #HTFU.

Hmmm Need me some better short term goals

I choose to consider this to be an uplifting song and also have spun it to be more about finding one’s self when previously a little lost err off track on where you really should be. I think Robert Smith would giggle about the spin almost as much as me thinking he looks a “little” like Tim Minchin in the last frame.

Interesting that the You in this Song from my perspective is different to other days.

I should be doing some work, so this is a good Segway to actually getting productive and doing some work toward my next step.

Should really be focusing on some FIM 2010 Work I need to do.


Yeah, I need to learn FIM 2010 and well enough to do some troubleshooting before it kills a colleague oh and it looks like a “Fun Product” and remember when I say that it is fun it is because This is my Brain and I live in it …