Photo Walk Canberra March 2013

When Hillary says Photo Walk I tend to think hells yes I’m in.

Even better this time it coincided with the opening weekend of the Enlighten Festival which made it extra high on my priority list for the weekend.

Got to meet some lovely people and take some nice photos. Even better I got to pick Alan Kerln’s brain about Astro Photography.

When I find time on a dark night I’ll share the results.

20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-175854.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-180046.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-181643.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-182911.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-185206.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-191452.jpg
20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-191631.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-191930.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-194400.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-200738.jpg

Photo Walk Canberra March 2013, a set on Flickr.