Life’s a show and we all play our part …..

And when the music starts, we open up our hearts. I have found it difficult to make and maintain friendships throughout my life and largely I’ve never been too stressed about it because I don’t really like people. Luckily for me I mostly spend time making computers talk to each other, I also do that … [Read more…]

So what is it I believe

On Saturday I blogged about well some strange connections that lead me to talk about the coming together of people regardless of religious views. Mostly it was driven by a dude who had a T-Shirt I thought was cool. In any case I got some feedback from a friend. Well a Twitter Follower of mine … [Read more…]

This is my Brain and I live in it …

Earlier today I warned the kids on Twitter that today could be a day for Introspection so strap in for the ride. One day I might try to articulate how my brain makes links and how large slabs of what I see and hear sticks with me and sometimes spills out poorly. In any case … [Read more…]

You don’t eat pigs & We don’t eat pigs …

I was watching “Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight” this morning (iQ’d it during the week) and there was a guy in the audience (Timestamp 1:28 – 2.45ish) wearing a T-Shirt similar to this one… Now if you’re reading this it is likely you know me reasonably well so you will know my mind works … [Read more…]

What will Motivate me to get going and keep rolling?

Seven Days ago I started 101 in 1001 and I’m already wishing I got to call and say Conundrum. You see the premise of this show (which I love [der it is on TV]) is that when things go bad a single pilot gets to pilot a sphere with an alien power source to go … [Read more…]

Too early for new years resolutions, I think not.

I’m a selfish bastard but you knew that… So today my wife and children went to Randwick to Libby’s Aunt and Uncles for Christmas Lunch tomorrow. I am at home because for the Second time in a little over a month doctors are using language like “if this course of action doesn’t work by Sunday … [Read more…]