Good Result for Manly Fans

I haven’t been very interested in the NRL since the Super League distraction and I often wonder how many others are like me totally disinterested except for when the team you followed as a child makes it into the finals and then takes out the Premiership Well today is that day and I’m pleased as … [Read more…]

I’m no Environmentalist but ….

Last night I bought some land to help protect it forever and it came with a title. Yep an actual title … Lord David Lawrence Mackie of Glencoe As the owner of a Scottish estate, you will have the full rights to style yourself as a Laird (Lord) or Lady. This is the same wherever … [Read more…]

Friends–An Interesting Perspective

While most folk know I have been out of the Navy for way longer than I was in the best posting I had was HMAS Parramatta from Feb 1988 to Jan 1991 (I discharged in 1994) . I have been following a Facebook group HMAS PARRAMATTA – Past and Present and saw this… CIVILIAN FRIENDS … [Read more…]

Geek TV should be …

Fun and Quirky and while the main characters are wonderfully cast and drive forward the story I find my self with an affinity for the Geeky supporting cast right now I’m watching 3 shows with very strong supporting cast Warehouse 13, Lost Girl and Earth Final Conflict [youtube] Kenzi is the one that makes … [Read more…]

This would have been ….

The Photo 365 Project photo if I hadn’t got cool stuff in the mail. New lunchtime ritual … Words with friends (that game is with my Best Words with “Friend” OneCrafteeMumma ) and a sandwich. Hopefully the salad sandwich will stick