Neural Connectivity, Internet Friends and Rage (ABC1)

I turned on the TV this morning and noticed Rage was being Guest Programmed by @theJezabels and remembered an Internet friend @BettyisPretty had mentioned she wanted to see them at the ANU a little bit back but didn’t get there. Anyway gave it a watch and thought might have a bit of a look at The Jezabels later. Hope YouTube will be my friend for an initial look.

The First song I saw was Life on Mars by David Bowie this triggered a memory of another version I had seen recently and I think it is AWESOME and one of the YouTubers commented it makes me want to smoke and take up guitar. Well I always want to smoke but have not done so in 12 and a half years 🙂

I think while I jump about with one thought leads to another and another I guess if I didn’t follow back @BettyisPretty when she followed me I would have missed out on this mornings finds and I suspect much much more long term Thanks Danika

So I’ll let you compare even though the Seu Jorge version is in Portuguese I still think it is wonderful …


This guy is so cool
and this one not so bad either








I bet you thought I would not link a jezabels song give this a listen