It just makes me want to scream…

IMG_0623This kid is called Lucas the reason I know this is because as we walked past I heard his father say “Make sure you hold on Lucas” what he should have said is get down from there it is a war memorial.

That is the HMAS Canberra Memorial today (and I assume every day) kids have been climbing all over it. When I asked a couple of kids to get off it, their father got a little narky about it. I explained they shouldn’t be on it all as it is a War Memorial which washed over him as if it were nothing.

I can’t believe we have such little respect for our past.

In schools the kids are taught about respect for the traditional owners of the land and it seems a given.

We have monuments to Australians who have given their lives in wars and we let the same kids use them as play grounds Grrrrrr is there a better way to sign post these as things of importance.

How do you feel when you see this kind of thing?