Good Result for Manly Fans

I haven’t been very interested in the NRL since the Super League distraction and I often wonder how many others are like me totally disinterested except for when the team you followed as a child makes it into the finals and then takes out the Premiership

Well today is that day and I’m pleased as punch that the boys were able to win today.

Perhaps it makes all the times I heard other kids in Primary School follow me around chanting..

Manly-Warringah Fultons a stinka, Branighans a poser first in line, Eadies a fairy all the rest are hairy

All worth it 🙂

Those were the days when kids were mouth pieces of their fathers and nobody really took things so seriously, when we all collected Footy cards and chewed the Bubble Gum it came with at school without fear of choking on it