Dreaming of Cabins and Houses in the Bush

While I watch “The Renovators” finale tonight I have been dreaming about property but maybe not renovating one.

Since our dear friend “Suzi” moved out to the country I had dreamed of buying the place across the road from her (looks that sold recently) and really I don’t think I want to buy an established property with a house …

This is my daydream today how about we buy a couple of hundred acres in the country say out near Suzi

Image Source: AllHomes.com.au

and somewhere in the middle near a Dam like this one put the main house and I kind of like this one:


I’m a little bit in love with space for my stuff, shade and being tucked in so I’d want a plantation on at least one side of the property maybe a native gum forest. With this idea comes the risk of fire so I need a funky retreat for me to do stuff maybe perched a little high so a middle aged persons tree house but cooler… I thinking this one:


Notice the Steel Shutters all around … Good for those I’m busy go away days but also keeps the Burglars and Bush Fires away. This could even be out on a perimeter of the property and maintain a high degree of safety and security.

Of course I’m looking for my space and I think Libby should have hers too. I’m pretty interested a third building that is designed to be a writers retreat:

Porches Down

Porches Up

If we were to “Line” the undersides of the Patios I think we could get a degree of Fire Protection and Security here too

You would think I’m finished by now too but no I’m not and these are cool because I could use a tractor to move the next buildings around the property for Privacy, Scenery change or more importantly fighting kids…

I used to want to live in mum and dads garage because I was a man now and wanted my own space. I like these because they are “portable” ish and make great guest cabins too so we might need 3 or 4 in a clear spot and orientate them so they all get a view. I might make the interior a little less Spartan but I really like the idea and so would Libby because visitors can retreat away from the house:


Yes I understand they look like Shipping Containers with cooler roofs, BUT look Cool Wheels

Of course these are just day dreams and I have not seen floor plans, I’m also not entirely sure I want to give my houses grease and oil changes.

If I have stirred your interest all the structures are Architecturally Designed by Olson Kundig Architects and the Pictures are from their Web Site

I’m still kind of Interested in pricing in case my dreams could come true in the next few years.