Raincheck Parliament House not the Zoo

Parliament House VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Catie and I were going to go to the Zoo but it was raining… Notice how you can’t see the War Memorial. Took some snaps while we looked around, the pictures on the wall are of Women in Federal Parliament. I think it is important to support women … [Read more…]

Lake Burley Griffin Foreshore

Lake Burley Griffin Aspen Island to Rond Terrace VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL   If you walk along the lake foreshore you can see LOTS of great stuff… I even like the furniture because it is unusual. You can easily see all these things in the short walk from Aspen Island to Rond Terrance (only … [Read more…]

Blundells Cottage

Blundells Cottage VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL     I love that we have been lucky enough to preserve reminders of Canberra’s pre federation past. Blundells cottage is especially great because it is right next to Canberra City. You can walk along the lake foreshore and there it is. Today was a public Holiday in … [Read more…]

The Carillion and Aspen Island

Carillion and Aspen Island VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL I really like the Carillion because I think it is very Canberra perhaps more so than Parliament house and the other attractions. It stands alone at one end of the lake and rings out a melody that is distinctly its own. Today we had the added … [Read more…]

Day out at Tidbinbilla

Spent a day out with Libby and Catie Bought a season pass to the Nature Reserve because I think we will be going there quite a lot Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Really like going out to the tracking station too Tidbinbilla Tracking Station VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL

Sydney Training Trip

I spent a few days in Sydney on a course. Thinking back of the things I love about Wynyard Station an the City On the drive home I HAD to stop an take some photos of Rainbows on Windmills Sydney Trip Feb 2012 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL        

King O’Malley Exhibit with Catie

Catie and I went to the Canberra Museum and while there were a lot of interesting exhibits about the contribution of King O’Malley to the foundation of Canberra The Survey equipment really caught my attention King O’Malley VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL