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Canberra Balloon Festival – 2013

Daddy and Daughter

Every year there is a Balloon Festival and until this year I stayed in bed… what the hell was I thinking. Well this year I go up early and went to launch sites and hills over looking landing sites, took Catie out to see them, generally got really involved.

20111026-Balloon Aloft - Gold Coast-160234.jpg

Perhaps it was because we went up in a balloon on the Gold Coast for Libby’s 40th, maybe because I’ve turned into one of those “camera people” I won’t say Photographer because I’ve got a LONG WAY to go before I’m willing to say anything other than “Happy Snapper” but I’m having fun with it and I get out and about which is cool too.

20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-075945.jpg

Oi get off, we just built that

20130309-Canberra Balloon Festival-071351.jpg

Wow that’s close

20130309-Canberra Balloon Festival-074929.jpg

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20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-075825.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-075635-2.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-075537.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-075510.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-074959.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-074920.jpg
Daddy and Daughter20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-074155.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-073936.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-073806.jpgCatie20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-072652.jpg
20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-072610.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-072419.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-072146.jpg20130310-Canberra Balloon Festival-083802.jpg20130310-Canberra Balloon Festival-082717.jpg20130310-Canberra Balloon Festival-082440.jpg

Walk to the De Salis Family Cemetery

I have to start walking regularly and sad as it may seem to some I need more motivation than just going for a walk. I will never be a go for a walk around the block kind of guy so I need a destination and an interesting journey.

I have also recently bought a Camera so mixing both walking with finding interesting images is ideal.

The De Salis Family Cemetery at Cuppacumbalong is somewhere I have not been before and is about 2 Km walk from Tharwa Bridge so not too far from home.

I didn’t expect to discover how unique this cemetery is although I understand the reasons for it to have been built in this manner. If you have ever tried to did garden beds in our little valley you would be all over the build up not dig down plan.

I love that the location was chosen for it’s outlook and 136 Years later it is exactly the same

Walking past Cuppacumbalong I notice there are no people around, when I was first going out with my wife there was a coffee shop, manicured gardens and people all over the place. I know there is competition from Lanyon Homestead and the closure of Tharwa Bridge from so long can’t have helped but I can’t help but wonder what could be 🙁

Anyway the walk was great and there is quite a bit to see on the way.

Afternoon out in Bungendore

Today we decided to go for Lunch to Bungendore NSW (about 45 Minutes from home) Libby had been to the Gallery Cafe before and knew she could eat there.

The Food was good and the decor quite pleasant.

Libby and I had the Steak Sandwiches although hers was Gluten Free and looked every bit as good as mine. Catie chose the Chicken Burger but couldn’t finish it

The Wood Works Gallery has some fabulous pieces ranging from a few hundred dollars to around 20 thousand dollars.

I really loved the Grand Father style clocks with wooden mechanisms I snapped a selection of other pieces on my iPhone, I highly recommend that you go have a look if you get a chance.

There was an Art Gallery upstairs with pieces for sale.

I took a Photo Synth to give an idea of what was there…


There are lots more things to do and see but most things close around 5PM so perhaps another time


I drive past this ruin occasionally and think if this were on my land I’d want to restore it and use it for my office.

This is old but somehow beautiful I would love to get a closer look be there are Private Property – Trespassers will be prosecuted signs all over the fences and no contact details for the owners 🙁

This is another example of our abandoned history. So glad the ACT Government values so many others and we get to see much of it for free.

Blundells Cottage

I love that we have been lucky enough to preserve reminders of Canberra’s pre federation past. Blundells cottage is especially great because it is right next to Canberra City.

You can walk along the lake foreshore and there it is. Today was a public Holiday in Canberra and the cottage was not open I will try to get some shots in side next time around.

I live in a beautiful diverse city which I love and am increasing noticing I have so much I could see if we get out more so, I plan to take you with me. Will you come along?

The Carillion and Aspen Island

I really like the Carillion because I think it is very Canberra perhaps more so than Parliament house and the other attractions. It stands alone at one end of the lake and rings out a melody that is distinctly its own.

Today we had the added bonus of there being a carillonist playing the whole time we spent by the lake. It somehow lends a new dimension to the experience.

I like this monument so much that I have photos from all over the Menzies walk pointing back to this one special place.