Geek TV should be …

Fun and Quirky and while the main characters are wonderfully cast and drive forward the story I find my self with an affinity for the Geeky supporting cast right now I’m watching 3 shows with very strong supporting cast Warehouse 13, Lost Girl and Earth Final Conflict [youtube] Kenzi is the one that makes … [Read more…]

Life’s a show and we all play our part …..

And when the music starts, we open up our hearts. I have found it difficult to make and maintain friendships throughout my life and largely I’ve never been too stressed about it because I don’t really like people. Luckily for me I mostly spend time making computers talk to each other, I also do that … [Read more…]

So what is it I believe

On Saturday I blogged about well some strange connections that lead me to talk about the coming together of people regardless of religious views. Mostly it was driven by a dude who had a T-Shirt I thought was cool. In any case I got some feedback from a friend. Well a Twitter Follower of mine … [Read more…]