It just makes me want to scream…

This kid is called Lucas the reason I know this is because as we walked past I heard his father say “Make sure you hold on Lucas” what he should have said is get down from there it is a war memorial. That is the HMAS Canberra Memorial today (and I assume every day) kids … [Read more…]

Thoughts for a New Year

I am not sure that a date in a calendar is a reason for new promises to break to ourselves or endeavouring to do better in all aspects of our lives but it is a line we jump over with glee. [youtube=] Canberra City New Years Eve Fireworks 2011 Tonight my family went to Canberra … [Read more…]

Good Result for Manly Fans

I haven’t been very interested in the NRL since the Super League distraction and I often wonder how many others are like me totally disinterested except for when the team you followed as a child makes it into the finals and then takes out the Premiership Well today is that day and I’m pleased as … [Read more…]