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Canberra Balloon Festival – 2013

Daddy and Daughter

Every year there is a Balloon Festival and until this year I stayed in bed… what the hell was I thinking. Well this year I go up early and went to launch sites and hills over looking landing sites, took Catie out to see them, generally got really involved.

20111026-Balloon Aloft - Gold Coast-160234.jpg

Perhaps it was because we went up in a balloon on the Gold Coast for Libby’s 40th, maybe because I’ve turned into one of those “camera people” I won’t say Photographer because I’ve got a LONG WAY to go before I’m willing to say anything other than “Happy Snapper” but I’m having fun with it and I get out and about which is cool too.

20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-075945.jpg

Oi get off, we just built that

20130309-Canberra Balloon Festival-071351.jpg

Wow that’s close

20130309-Canberra Balloon Festival-074929.jpg

More on my Flickr

20130309-Canberra Balloon Festival-064924.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-080711.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-080659.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-080618-2.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-080441.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-075945.jpg
20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-075825.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-075635-2.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-075537.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-075510.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-074959.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-074920.jpg
Daddy and Daughter20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-074155.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-073936.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-073806.jpgCatie20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-072652.jpg
20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-072610.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-072419.jpg20130311-Canberra Balloon Festival-072146.jpg20130310-Canberra Balloon Festival-083802.jpg20130310-Canberra Balloon Festival-082717.jpg20130310-Canberra Balloon Festival-082440.jpg

Photo Walk Canberra March 2013

When Hillary says Photo Walk I tend to think hells yes I’m in.

Even better this time it coincided with the opening weekend of the Enlighten Festival which made it extra high on my priority list for the weekend.

Got to meet some lovely people and take some nice photos. Even better I got to pick Alan Kerln’s brain about Astro Photography.

When I find time on a dark night I’ll share the results.

20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-175854.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-180046.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-181643.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-182911.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-185206.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-191452.jpg
20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-191631.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-191930.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-194400.jpg20130303-PhotoWalk Canberra-200738.jpg

Photo Walk Canberra March 2013, a set on Flickr.

Enlighten 2013

20130303-Enlighten-212023.jpgI spent several nights at the Canberra Enlighten Festival and possibly could have spent many more.

The night I took many of these images was the night of the Photo Walk Canberra event and I had the pleasure of a shooting partner who I had only just met an hour or so before.

I learned some tricks and continued to pick his brain about Astro Photography too which was great. Thanks Alan



Not my favourite photo but so important because I fell over a few minutes earlier and it proved my camera survived scratch free and working so pretty happy


Enlighten 2013, a set on Flickr.

Different Enlighten Perspective

20130304-Enlighten-203104.jpgMy son goes to Australian Army Cadets on Monday nights so I have about 3 hours out and about in Canberra and surrounds so I often take my camera to places where I think I might get a good photo.

I remembered seeing the NKRYPT exhibition outside of Questacon on Saturday Night but since I was shooting hand held and there were soooooo many people I decided to come back on a less busy night.

NKRYPT is Questacon’s contribution to the area of cryptography, but also the lighting makes it a beautiful subject in the forecourt and I really hope it stays part of the permanent collection.

If you get a chance go have a look, you might even see me there because I just might give decryption a go while I wait for my son on cold winter nights… Yes I know I could use photos and do it at home but where’s the adventure in that.


Shoot the Shooter

A few weeks ago I took my Daughter to the opening of Floriade the Spring Flower Festival here in Canberra.

I took a few photos of people and zillions of flowers but I noticed something about the people who were taking photographs…


They were Smiling which got me thinking how many other photographers have the same look?

So today when were at Floriade again I started shooting shooters. Here is what I saw…

I guess the reason we shoot is because it is really quite enjoyable, well I think it is anyway.