Enlighten 2013

I spent several nights at the Canberra Enlighten Festival and possibly could have spent many more. The night I took many of these images was the night of the Photo Walk Canberra event and I had the pleasure of a shooting partner who I had only just met an hour or so before. I learned … [Read more…]

Walking and Macro Pictures

I went on a Photowalk in the National Botanical Gardens today there was a great turn out and I really learned a lot about taking photos of things really close up … Yesterday I spoke about the “Joy” of taking photographs and it was reinforced today too This is Hillary the event organiser and Professional … [Read more…]

Send in the Clowns

I have been to a few places recently with Side Shows and even a Circus, I love the Carnival Send in the Clowns VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL

Floriade @ 85mm

Today we went back to Floriade but to travel lighter I only took the lens mounted on my camera which as it turns out was my new 85mm f1.8. Photos are not as Macro as our excursion on opening day but still pretty decent Floriade in 85mm VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL       … [Read more…]

Shoot the Shooter

A few weeks ago I took my Daughter to the opening of Floriade the Spring Flower Festival here in Canberra. I took a few photos of people and zillions of flowers but I noticed something about the people who were taking photographs… They were Smiling which got me thinking how many other photographers have the … [Read more…]