Afternoon out in Bungendore

Today we decided to go for Lunch to Bungendore NSW (about 45 Minutes from home) Libby had been to the Gallery Cafe before and knew she could eat there.

The Food was good and the decor quite pleasant.

Libby and I had the Steak Sandwiches although hers was Gluten Free and looked every bit as good as mine. Catie chose the Chicken Burger but couldn’t finish it

The Wood Works Gallery has some fabulous pieces ranging from a few hundred dollars to around 20 thousand dollars.

I really loved the Grand Father style clocks with wooden mechanisms I snapped a selection of other pieces on my iPhone, I highly recommend that you go have a look if you get a chance.

There was an Art Gallery upstairs with pieces for sale.

I took a Photo Synth to give an idea of what was there…


There are lots more things to do and see but most things close around 5PM so perhaps another time